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March 2019 

March 2018 - Stonecrest Women's Club

What a delightful group of women! Loved the questions and interaction.

Pictures from book signing at a coffee shop in Patchogue, NY Dec. 2015


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Stay tuned: My newest project, ONE SOLDIER'S WAR, the story of the three years my father-in-law spent serving in North Africa and Europe during WWII, will be released by December 2020.  The book is not just his story...it's every soldier's story and is dedicated to all the brave men and women who serve.  His journal entries, supported by historic background notes, and pictures to add visual context,  is informative,  enlightening, and sometimes poignant and exciting, as well. While researching material for this book, I developed a deeper respect for what Tom Brokaw aptly defined as "The Greatest Generation". 


 New book release ....

In the exciting conclusion to the SECOND CHANCES trilogy, Peter Campbell reconnects with his past to protect a special little boy and his mother - and the wall he's built around his heart begins to crumble.

Broken in both mind and body, Peter retreats to a farm in western Ireland far away from the dangerous world he used to embrace, but he can’t travel far enough to escape the debilitating anxiety attacks and horrific nightmares. As Peter begins the delicate task of rebuilding his life, he becomes entangled in the complicated and secretive lives of his neighbors—a precocious six-year-old boy and his mother.  To save Maggie and her son he must build a bridge to his own past and tear down the wall he’s built around his heart.

He’s a broken man incapable of love—or is he?


I am thrilled to announce that BLUEBIRDS IN THE GARDEN received top honors in the Florida Writers Association's 2019 Royal Palm Literary Awards competition. Gold award for Children's Picture Book and Grand Prize as Best Children's Book. 

When a pair of charming bluebirds chose a decorative bird house in my garden to raise a family, they provided me with hours of enjoyment. I was fortunate enough to get some incredible pictures.


I hope you enjoy sharing the book and the story with your children. 




  Expo:  January 26, 2020!

A huge turnout on a sunny winter day and a successful event.  Met some wonderful people and reconnected with old friends. Looking forward to next year's Expo! 

Florida writers' Association

My mystery  novel, "Missing on Maple Street", and my children's picture  book, "Bluebirds  in the Garden" were both  finalists in the prestigious Florida Writers Assoc.  2019 RPLA contest. 

Royal Palm Literary Awards - October 2019

 A fun and exciting evening at the 2019 Florida Writers Asssociation's Awards banquet! 

Lynnhaven Book Club December 2019
A sampling of reviews:  I'd love to read your  review on Amazon.com.

Missing on Maple Street - A finalist in 2019 Royal Palm Literary Award competition. Judge's comment: 

Missing is a thoroughly delightful mystery in which not just one but two different yet similar primary conflicts find resolution, along with many minor resolutions achieved in the lives of the characters. The book is a supreme example of what makes a good mystery, what makes a reader read on and ask for more.

Below is the first (and unsolicited)  Amazon.com review for BEYOND SECOND CHANCES. 

I am so happy that Ms. Boehm decided to continue Lindsay's story. As with her other 2 novels, this book is filled with intrigue, romance and characters that are interesting, likable and believable. I didn't want the story to end! Beyond Second Chances is thoroughly enjoyable and I look forward to more works by Ms. Boehm; she has become one of my favorite authors!

"What a well written surprise from a new author!!! After the first few pages you’re drawn into Lindsey’s life wondering where her story is going, never knowing who the good guys are. Nothing “inevitable” or “instinctive”!! No message, just suspense. One of the best books I've recently read."


 Unsolicited Amazon.com Review for SECOND CHANCES



Unsolicited Review  for CASSIE'S JOURNEY from Amazon.com:


"Author Rita M. Boehm has written an exciting thriller straight from the news headlines, but with a softer side of love and what family is all about."

January 2020 = Central Florida Book Expo

A fun, exciting, and successful day! Launched ANOTHER CHANCE, and enjoyed talking to a continuous stream of interesting folks. 

January 2018    - Central Florida Book & Author Expo

What fun!  Eighty authors and thousands of readers!.

January 2017 - Central Florida Book & Author Expo

Pictures from book launch parties held at Windsor Manor Farm in  Sandy Spring, MD.


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