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Predators come in many guises...
The ones who wear uniforms are the most dangerous of all...

Domestic thriller: 

WWII history: 

Publishing a non-fiction book about my father-in-law's WWII experiences had not been part of my grand author's plan (assuming I had such a plan). However, immersing myself in WWII for the months it took me to create ONE SOLDIER'S WAR was both an educational and inspirational experience for which I will always be grateful.  

PFC Alton Haight's poignant letters home to his mother and the journal entries he penned starting in North Africa in 1942 and ending in Germany in 1945 at war's end are supported with historic pictures and background notes to allow the reader to see the world as he saw it... because this isn't just his story, it's every soldier's story. 

"December 31, 1942 - Our first air raid. Our guns fired and we claimed one plane. This was one of the greatest thrills of my life." From the journal of PFC Alton Haight

Periods of heart-stopping intensity were followed by long periods of monotony, periods of relentless rain by bouts of intensive heat, and a war that a young soldier believed would be over within months would consume over 2 1/2 years of his life.

One Soldier's War will take you on one soldier's WWII journey from North Africa to Italy and then into France and Germany as Allied troops battled Hitler's army in a bloody war to save the world from the reign of a madman.

PFC Haight's journal entries are supported by pictures and historical background details to introduce the reader to the world as he saw it. His story is every WWII soldier's story and one that deserves to be read.


Mystery selection:

Missing on Maple Street6x9.jpg

When precocious ten-year-old Emily Anders goes missing while in the care of the elderly neighbor whom she'd befriended, mounting circumstantial evidence focuses suspicion on one of the other neighbors. However, the occurrence is also eerily similar to a past tragedy which occurred exactly 100 years earlier in the historic home.

The tenants in the aging Victorian house where Emily shares an apartment with her newly divorced father struggle to deal with Emily’s mysterious disappearance as they face their own personal struggles - and their prejudices.

Find out what happened to Emily -- and learn how one small child can affect the lives of those around her. 

Romantic Suspense: The Second Chances Trilogy


In the exciting conclusion to the SECOND CHANCES trilogy, Peter Campbell reconnects with his past to protect a special little boy and his mother - and the wall he's built around his heart begins to crumble.

Broken in both mind and body, Peter retreats to a farm in western Ireland far away from the dangerous world he used to embrace, but he can’t travel far enough to escape the debilitating anxiety attacks and horrific nightmares. As Peter begins the delicate task of rebuilding his life, he becomes entangled in the complicated and secretive lives of his neighbors—a precocious six-year-old boy and his mother.  To save Maggie and her son he must build a bridge to his own past and tear down the wall he’s built around his heart.

He’s a broken man incapable of love—or is he?



Book 2 of the trilogy: When Peter is kidnapped, Lindsay is faced with a difficult choice: travel to a poverty-stricken, terrorist-filled Arab country to save his life, or leave his survival to chance.

So begins the action in BEYOND SECOND CHANCES, the exciting sequel to SECOND CHANCES.

Lindsay Talbot makes her choice, and pays the price.  However, as Lindsay recuperates from a violent assault much closer to home, she is confronted with a devastating betrayal - and an uncertain future.



The story begins: In book one of the SECOND CHANCES TRILOGY, a young woman accepts a drink from a charming man at a cocktail party--and terror soon replaces the tedium of her once ordinary life.


The drugged champagne is a one-way ticket to an isolated life across an international landscape controlled and scripted by her aloof, wealthy, enigmatic--but surprisingly benevolent--captor.


SECOND CHANCES is Lindsay Talbot's story of survival as she faces shocking truths, heart-breaking loss...and the shocking confession of the man she loves.​


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